Phenixio - Payments platform for layer-two Bitcoin

A complete payments platform for layer-two Bitcoin

Accept Bitcoin payments in real-time and low-cost. PhenixioGate is a powerful API designed to help your business scale globally.

Bitcoin for any business

From eCommerce to mobile application, we offer a complete stack for your bitcoin payment needs

Get started in minutes

Create your Lightning wallet in minutes. Use our prebuilt payment solutions to securely integrate with your business

Optimize your revenue

Lightning Network revolutionizes the digital payments with smart-contracts. Instant settlements & No more fraud

Scale globally

Your digital business has no borders. Accept payments from anywhere


Prebuilt Solutions

From eCommerce to mobile application, we offer a complete stack for all your bitcoin payment needs.

  • eCommerce
  • Mobile
  • API-first design
  • Hosted Checkout
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Scale globally with Phenixio

Phenixio gives you direct access to the next-generation payment network. Lightning fast, low-cost Bitcoin payments. Compatible with any Bitcoin wallet.

$76 Million

Total network capacity, providing liquidity


Payment channels (smart contracts) powering the network


Yearly increase of the merchants accepting payments over Lightning

$1.05 Trillion

Total purchasing power of Bitcoin in circulation (market-cap)

Developer Friendly

Phenixio gives developers powerful yet easy to use tools. We are aiming for the balance between correct level of abstraction while giving you the amount of control you need.

Sample code

Get started with our sample code and examples.

Sandbox Environment

Phenixio has a safe sandbox environment, lets you work with testnet Bitcoin while you are working on integration.
Working in sandbox


Use webhooks to programmatically notify your application backend about the payment events. Configure which events should trigger webhooks, such as successful payments or refunds.
Configure webhooks


Managed Infrastructure

Eliminate the security concerns come up with running your own Lightning Network infrastructure. Phenixio provides an off-the-shelf solution for your Lightning payments.

Encrypted data in rest and communication

TLS only communication with modern ciphers. Sensitive data is encrypted in our database.

Isolated Servers

Services, Payments and encryption is done all in different servers isolated to each other with different credentials.

HTTPS only - TLS v1.2+

Secure Tokenization

IP Whitelisting

Tracable API Requests

A complete platform

Start working with Phenixio that can provide everything you need to manage payments over layer-two Bitcoin.


Metadata support

Sandbox Environment

Private Network

Manage Refunds



Phenixio's payments platform lets you accept Bitcoin payments around the world. Create your account online for free. No upfront charges. No on-chain fees. No withdrawal fees*. No base fees.


per successful transaction
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No commitments! Start exploring PhenixioGate in a safe sandbox environment.
Simply send and receive testnet Bitcoin while you are testing.

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