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Explore Phenixio Payments platform.


Use webhooks to programmatically notify your application backend about the payment events. Configure which events should trigger webhooks, such as successful payments or refunds.

Sandbox Environment

Phenixio has a safe sandbox environment, lets you work with testnet Bitcoin while you are working on integration.

Metadata Support

Optionally you can store additional data in payment object. Example: order id, customer details, etc...


Integrate your cold storage wallet with your Phenixio account. Set a threshold amount. When your Phenixio balance is reached to threshold, your funds are sent to your on-chain wallet adress.

Tracable API Requests

You can view all your API requests in Phenixio Dashboard.

Event Tokens

Webhook requests has JWT in body. Event details are in payload. Tokens are secure against tampering. You can verify that token is sent from Phenixio by verifying token signature using our public key. See 'Public-key verification'

Audit Account

Changes in your account settings are recorded. You can audit the changes in the 'Account Settings' section in Phenixio Dashboard.

Core Metrics

Display core metrics about your payments in Dashboard.

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